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Meet the Miners: Reed Strauss

By July 29, 2016 No Comments

What does a swiss army knife have to do with a Dimond bike? Reed may be the only person on the planet that knows the answer. And if you’re one of the many Dimond customers who has had the pleasure of working with him, you can probably imagine why.

In his year and a half with Dimond, Reed has been the guy on the other side of the phone for many happy Dimond owners. But now, prepare to meet the man up close and personal in the coming months: Reed’s hitting the road as our new Dimond Van Pilot!

If you want to impress him upon your first face-to-face encounter, have some random facts or riddles ready to go. Better yet, bring a guitar or some great new music for him to listen to. Reed is constantly on the up and up when it comes to interesting facts and new music. Lately, he’s been really into Panda, by Desiigner, don’t ask us why! And if you must ask, be sure to ask Brad. 


A few more random facts about Reed: he lived in NYC for a brief period, was a pretty huge band geek in high school, is often times an all-too-serious kick ball player, played running back in high school, rode his bike across Iowa multiple times and even ran cross country in middle school. And recently, he’s been attempting to “tame” the bunnies in his back yard by coaxing them in with carrots… This guy has done it all, but he has yet to toe the line in his first triathlon. (Don’t worry, we know you’ll convert him.)

So now that you’re basically best friends with Reed now, so be sure to stop by at one of our upcoming events (listed below!). We’re going to miss his wit around the office, but we are happy to have him continuing to spread the Dimond love!

08/7/16:     IM Boulder
08/12/16:   USAT Nationals
08/21/16:   IM Mont Tremblant
09/04/16:   Des Moines Triathlon
09/11/16:   IM Wisconsin
09/25/16:  IM Chattanooga
10/08/16:  IM World Championships
10/22/16:  IM North Carolina
11/05/16:   IM Florida
11/20/16:   IM Arizona

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