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Dimond in the Rough: Aero Box

By July 29, 2016 No Comments

Little things can make a big difference. In triathlon, it might be the value of 100 calories or a mere two minutes too long above threshold.

And at Dimond, we care about the little things. So much so that we set some time aside to design our “little black box.”

Sure. We know. It doesn’t look like much. A little box. But this little box can do big things. It’s worth nearly 5 watts. And we think it makes an already sexy bike even sexier.

The Dimond was built to be modular in nature. It is meant to be compatible with a variety of components, allowing for upgrades and incredible flexibility. While other companies may lock you into a certain bar or specific fit, we want our frame to work for you…for years to come.

So, in our first round of designing we intentionally left a little room behind the stem. This allows the use of many different bars, including the current 3T Aduro bar (which can be seen on our premium build!). But with some other bars, that empty space stuck out to us, so we asked ourselves a tough question: “Is this slowing our athletes down?”

The short answer: Yes.

How exactly did we arrive at this information? We took a trip to the A2 wind tunnel. In the charts below, you can see the benefit. The red line indicates the resistance of the Dimond in wind before adding the Aero Box. The blue line shows just what the Aero Box can do for you: just over 40 grams of savings!

But what does that mean? Fewer grams of drag is better. It’s not a perfect science, but 10 grams of drag is approximately equal to 1 watt. The second chart with the green line shows the difference in resistance at different wind angles, or yaw.

At Dimond we never stop improving. 

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