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A Cut Above – Corie Young

By July 20, 2016 No Comments

Discovering Brilliance: A glimpse into the polished performances of our Dimond Club AG athletes.

Corie Young seeks a crown of her own aboard her Dimond, Pharoah (affectionately-named after Triple Crown winner American Pharoah!)

Hiking and climbing mountains, trailing running, kayaking, paddle boarding, “dabbling” in mountain biking and ultra-running. Anything outdoors makes Corie Young, a 44 year old mother of 3, and her family, happy. So it’s no surprise that Corie is also a triathlete.

Corie started running in 2008 to help raise money for Team in Training, and just kept running. In 2010, Corie became a triathlete, training with her husband and friends in Oklahoma. Becoming a triathlete included learning to swim and buying her first bike since childhood. Just one year later, Corie completed her first Ironman, and she’s been hooked ever since. She loves to train, and competes in only a select few races each season.

She raced her first and only race bike, a Cervelo P1, for 5 years before deciding to make her dream of owning a Dimond a reality. She had friends who encouraged her to pull the trigger, claiming they were enchanted not only with the bike but with the process of working with the Dimond team to build the exact bike they wanted. In September of 2015, after years of working to “deserve” an upgrade, Corie officially joined the Dimond Club. “I wanted every advantage on my quest for Kona, and I knew that this bike would somehow be the boost I needed to believe in myself.”

Corie’s first race aboard her Dimond steed, Pharoah, was the Pacific Crest Long Course Tri in June of 2016. After injuries that set back her training, she didn’t know how the race would go. She entered T1 with an unexpected delay – her timing chip had been ripped off during the swim. But after a longer-than-anticipated transition, Corie jumped on the bike and began picking off her competition, one by one.

“The bike is so crazy light and responsive. Every ounce of effort seems to translate into “GO!” I still have to pedal and work hard up hills, but the result for the effort is so rewarding and fun! I was passing guys left and right, athletes on nice bikes. Men who started 6-10 minutes ahead of me. Pharoah and I probably got a dozen compliments as we zoomed by, many to the tune of ‘sweet bike.’ The course had just over 3000 feet of climbing, with some steep 6-9% grades and a wicked 12-mile descent. Pharoah handled it fabulously.”

At T2, Pharoah was one of just a few bikes in transition…and Corie started with the fourth wave. She took off on her final leg, running conservatively with no computer for pacing. Corie didn’t see another woman for the rest of the race, finishing the day with an AG win, a bike PR on the toughest ½ IM Course she’d ever done, and the fastest female amateur bike split. Keep an eye out for Corie and Pharoah at IM Coeur D’Alene next month!

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