Dimond in the Rough: Aero Box

Little things can make a big difference. In triathlon, it might be the value of 100 calories or a mere two minutes too long above threshold.

And at Dimond, we care about the little things. So much so that we set some time aside to design our “little black box.”

Sure. We know. It doesn’t look like much. A little box. But this little box can do big things. It’s worth nearly 5 watts. And we think it makes an already sexy bike even sexier.

The Dimond was built to be modular in nature. It is meant to be compatible with a variety of components, allowing for upgrades and incredible flexibility. While other companies may lock you into a certain bar or specific fit, we want our frame to work for you…for years to come.

So, in our first round of designing we intentionally left a little room behind the stem. This allows the use of many different bars, including the current 3T Aduro bar (which can be seen on our premium build!). But with some other bars, that empty space stuck out to us, so we asked ourselves a tough question: “Is this slowing our athletes down?”

The short answer: Yes.

How exactly did we arrive at this information? We took a trip to the A2 wind tunnel. In the charts below, you can see the benefit. The red line indicates the resistance of the Dimond in wind before adding the Aero Box. The blue line shows just what the Aero Box can do for you: just over 40 grams of savings!

But what does that mean? Fewer grams of drag is better. It’s not a perfect science, but 10 grams of drag is approximately equal to 1 watt. The second chart with the green line shows the difference in resistance at different wind angles, or yaw.

At Dimond we never stop improving. 

Need to order yours? Click here to save time and energy!

Meet the Miners: Reed Strauss

What does a swiss army knife have to do with a Dimond bike? Reed may be the only person on the planet that knows the answer. And if you’re one of the many Dimond customers who has had the pleasure of working with him, you can probably imagine why.

In his year and a half with Dimond, Reed has been the guy on the other side of the phone for many happy Dimond owners. But now, prepare to meet the man up close and personal in the coming months: Reed’s hitting the road as our new Dimond Van Pilot!

If you want to impress him upon your first face-to-face encounter, have some random facts or riddles ready to go. Better yet, bring a guitar or some great new music for him to listen to. Reed is constantly on the up and up when it comes to interesting facts and new music. Lately, he’s been really into Panda, by Desiigner, don’t ask us why! And if you must ask, be sure to ask Brad. 


A few more random facts about Reed: he lived in NYC for a brief period, was a pretty huge band geek in high school, is often times an all-too-serious kick ball player, played running back in high school, rode his bike across Iowa multiple times and even ran cross country in middle school. And recently, he’s been attempting to “tame” the bunnies in his back yard by coaxing them in with carrots… This guy has done it all, but he has yet to toe the line in his first triathlon. (Don’t worry, we know you’ll convert him.)

So now that you’re basically best friends with Reed now, so be sure to stop by at one of our upcoming events (listed below!). We’re going to miss his wit around the office, but we are happy to have him continuing to spread the Dimond love!

08/7/16:     IM Boulder
08/12/16:   USAT Nationals
08/21/16:   IM Mont Tremblant
09/04/16:   Des Moines Triathlon
09/11/16:   IM Wisconsin
09/25/16:  IM Chattanooga
10/08/16:  IM World Championships
10/22/16:  IM North Carolina
11/05/16:   IM Florida
11/20/16:   IM Arizona

A Cut Above – Justin Samples

Discovering Brilliance: A glimpse into the polished performances of our Dimond Club AG athletes.

Justin raced for 8 years chasing down his ticket to Kona. After several trips to the fitter and some difficult travel arrangements with his Cervelo P5, Justin began looking into Dimond. Specifically, he recalls racing IM Texas and was passed by only two people…both on Dimonds.

After Texas I decided to test ride one the next time I got a chance. While at IMCDA, I learned a little more about the company. I loved that it was US-based and had a boutique feel. I loved the thought process of a tri bike being built for and by tri-geeks. I loved that I could put my own front end and control the fit adjustability versus being fit into whatever box a company deemed aero. So when I test rode it, it wasn’t fair; it’s an amazing ride. The best part was the personalized service. Regardless of any issue, I was actually talking to someone trying to help me solve it or find a solution. That is increasingly rare these days, and as someone who owns a large service-oriented business, it really stood out to me. Dimond’s “client comes first” attitude breeds loyalty, and it earned mine.”

After purchasing the Dimond in 2015, Justin raced IM Arizona almost immediately. Personal and professional obligations had reduced his time for training, so his plan was to dial down wattage to ensure he could finish the race.

“All told, IMAZ was a breakthrough race. I had one of my fastest bike splits. My legs, back and body felt fresh. Let’s say they certainly did not feel like I just TT’d for 112 miles. That allowed me to crush the run getting a PR split of 3:17, running my way to 3rd place with a 9:22 overall and my first-ever Kona slot.”

The next two races were a regional half and Olympic called Pacific Crest Sport Festival outside of Bend, OR. He was using the races as a training weekend for Vineman at the end of July, so he signed up for both back to back without a taper.  Much to his surprise, he PR’d the long course triathlon by over 40 minutes, nabbing the 3rd best run split behind only a couple of WTC pros (Tim Reed won). Justin won his AG field by more than 10 minutes, finishing only behind the pros who had entered the race. He then raced the Olympic the following day – on tired legs – and managed to pull off another AG win, taking 5th overall. 

“That to me is a huge testament to the bike, and not so much in a quantifiable way. Yes, the bike is aero. But the bike is also comfortable, which allows me to stay aero, and I know we can’t put data behind it but the slight dampening effect of the beam has allowed me to achieve very real breakthroughs on the run. Those breakthroughs and blistering fast bike splits are what has allowed my to nab my first-ever Kona slot and my first-ever race wins, on back to back days even!”

Justin is looking forward to Vineman at the end of July and his trip to the big island in October. And we’re looking forward to helping his wife with her next bike. “On Sunday my wife turned to me and said “Hey, your record on that bike is pretty good. Have you ordered mine?” We may have to think about an addition to the family…

A Cut Above – Corie Young

Discovering Brilliance: A glimpse into the polished performances of our Dimond Club AG athletes.

Corie Young seeks a crown of her own aboard her Dimond, Pharoah (affectionately-named after Triple Crown winner American Pharoah!)

Hiking and climbing mountains, trailing running, kayaking, paddle boarding, “dabbling” in mountain biking and ultra-running. Anything outdoors makes Corie Young, a 44 year old mother of 3, and her family, happy. So it’s no surprise that Corie is also a triathlete.

Corie started running in 2008 to help raise money for Team in Training, and just kept running. In 2010, Corie became a triathlete, training with her husband and friends in Oklahoma. Becoming a triathlete included learning to swim and buying her first bike since childhood. Just one year later, Corie completed her first Ironman, and she’s been hooked ever since. She loves to train, and competes in only a select few races each season.

She raced her first and only race bike, a Cervelo P1, for 5 years before deciding to make her dream of owning a Dimond a reality. She had friends who encouraged her to pull the trigger, claiming they were enchanted not only with the bike but with the process of working with the Dimond team to build the exact bike they wanted. In September of 2015, after years of working to “deserve” an upgrade, Corie officially joined the Dimond Club. “I wanted every advantage on my quest for Kona, and I knew that this bike would somehow be the boost I needed to believe in myself.”

Corie’s first race aboard her Dimond steed, Pharoah, was the Pacific Crest Long Course Tri in June of 2016. After injuries that set back her training, she didn’t know how the race would go. She entered T1 with an unexpected delay – her timing chip had been ripped off during the swim. But after a longer-than-anticipated transition, Corie jumped on the bike and began picking off her competition, one by one.

“The bike is so crazy light and responsive. Every ounce of effort seems to translate into “GO!” I still have to pedal and work hard up hills, but the result for the effort is so rewarding and fun! I was passing guys left and right, athletes on nice bikes. Men who started 6-10 minutes ahead of me. Pharoah and I probably got a dozen compliments as we zoomed by, many to the tune of ‘sweet bike.’ The course had just over 3000 feet of climbing, with some steep 6-9% grades and a wicked 12-mile descent. Pharoah handled it fabulously.”

At T2, Pharoah was one of just a few bikes in transition…and Corie started with the fourth wave. She took off on her final leg, running conservatively with no computer for pacing. Corie didn’t see another woman for the rest of the race, finishing the day with an AG win, a bike PR on the toughest ½ IM Course she’d ever done, and the fastest female amateur bike split. Keep an eye out for Corie and Pharoah at IM Coeur D’Alene next month!