February Bike Of The Month

We love a lot about each of our Dimond athletes, but Rafe Armstrong ranks up with the best of them because of 3 things. He sent beer as a Christmas gift for the Dimond boys, he gave a Dimond to his wife (much better than a diamond) and he has been competing in triathlons for over 20 years.

Rafe got his start in sports with competitive water skiing. He was quite successful and even dabbled as a pro for a while. Rafe used biking as a means to build up leg strength. When he met Kathy, his wife and collegiate runner, he added running to his bag of tricks. After watching Kona on TV for a few years, he decided he wanted to join the ranks of triathletes, and the rest is history.

Rafe chose Dimond for the same reason many of our other riders chose the brand: the made in the USA mentality. But, a few other factors went into his equipment decision:

Dimond is a  company that is on the cutting edge of technology, but also provides tremendous support to all of it’s customers. If I have a question or a problem, I can just pick up the phone and I am talking to the guys that designed and built my bike; not just another bike shop guy on commission. Also, it is the coolest looking, best riding, and all around fastest bike out there!”

Rafe is on his second Dimond after deciding to size up to a large. He gifted his very lucky wife with his first Dimond, a size medium that fits Kathy perfectly. Rafe built his new bike up with all the bells and whistles, including the new Dimond Superfork, which Rafe refers to as “the bomb.”

I love the Shimano Di2 so I stuck with that. I had the Zipp Vuka aerobar previously and found it to be very aero and very comfortable and extremely adjustable so I just needed to move to a small stem size with the larger frame. The Rotor Flow crank and chain rings  are beautiful, aero and stiff.  I had those on the bike I gave to Kathy and wanted to keep the same on this new bike.”

He also treated himself to new Zipp NSW 808 Wheels. Besides the sleek new integrated graphics, Rafe loves how quiet, fast and smooth they feel.

“I would be lying if I said I could tell they are faster than the Firecrest 808’s, but recent testing seem to indicate that to be the case, and this old fart needs all the help he can get.  And they match the frame color perfectly!”

Rafe learned some hard-taught lessons from his season in 2015. After racking up a few Ironman podium finishes at the end of 2014 and getting PR’s in shorter distance events, he pushed hard with his long events in 2015.

“I think with all that success, I pushed it a little too hard…it’s always a work in progress trying to get it all right.”

With that takeaway from last year, his race plans this year include trail runs, the Boston Marathon, Gulf Coast Half Ironman and Chattanooga 70.3. He’ll finish with the full Chattanooga Ironman in September.

Did we mention Rafe is also a doctor? He fits in his training schedule between his busy work schedule by training in the morning before work. He also has one of the best training partners, his wife, to keep him in stride.

To anyone looking for a new tri bike, take Rafe’s advice to heart, After all, he is a seasoned triathlete:

“Don’t get me wrong, there are many many great bikes, and a lot about a bike is personal preference.  But for comfort and speed you just can’t do better than a Dimond, especially if you want to do some longer races.  And one of the greatest perks about getting a Dimond is you become part of the Dimond family.  That includes all the great guys at the company who will do anything to help you out, but also all the great athletes who ride Dimond bikes as well.”

Thanks Rafe for sharing your bike with everyone, best of luck this year!

– Team Dimond

2016 Dimond Van Tour Dates

Wondering how you can get your hands on a Dimond this year? We have the Dimond Van full of demo bikes, and I am currently in Florida before I make a stop in Houston on Sunday the 28th for an event. After that I will be at a training camp with Hillary and the Smashfest Queen crew before making our big debut at the season opener in Oceanside, CA.

Here is a demo request form, let me know if I should stop in your city for a demo event with your local tri team or training partners…or just to tell me where I should stop and get a good meal.   Test Ride Request Form

Other than that, I look forward to seeing you out at the races! Be sure to stop by and ride this one of a kind dream machine. I help make believers one ride at a time. 🙂

   DATE                    EVENT    LOCATION
4/2/2016  Ironman 70.3 California  Oceanside, California
4/10/2016  Ironman 70.3 Texas  Galveston, TX
4/17/2016  Ironman 70.3 New Orleans  New Orleans, LA
5/7/2016  Ironman 70.3 St. George  St. George, UT
5/14/2016  Ironman Texas  The Woodlands, TX
June  California & PNW  Open
7/24/2016  Ironman Lake Placid  Lake Placid, NY
8/7/2016  Ironman Boulder  Boulder, CO
8/21/2016  Mont Tremblant  Canada, eh
9/4/2016  Des Moines Triathlon  Des Moines, IA
9/11/2016  Ironman Wisconsin  Madison, WI
9/25/2016  Ironman Chattanooga  Chattanooga, TN
10/8/2016  Ironman World Championship  Kailua-Kona, HI
10/22/2016  Ironman North Carolina  Wilmington, NC
11/5/2016  Ironman Florida  Panama City Beach, FL
11/20/2016  Ironman Arizona  Tempe, AZ

See you out on the road!

Chris Blick, Dimond Van Pilot        Chris@rustersports.com

Dimond Bikes Demo Van Triathlon

Dimond Demo Van

Join our team!

Dimond Inside Sales Representative

Dimond Bikes is looking to spread more Dimond love around the world by adding another Inside Sales Rep. If you are the type of person who enjoys working hard, making the world a faster place, and who wants to get in on the ground floor with an innovative young company – this opportunity is for you!

The position is a commission only based position with a base salary for the first 6-12 months. Send your resume/CV to brad@rustersports.com with a brief description on why you’d be a good fit for our company. This is a sales job, so sell me!

The job will be located in Des Moines, Iowa. We are not accepting work from home applicants.

Job Requirements:

  • Help more athletes secure their dream Dimond
  • Facilitate customer build orders
  • Help set up test ride leads for our outside rep
  • Communicate with outside rep to provide a seamless buying experience for our customers
  • Maintain SalesForce database
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Continuously work to improve the sales process and increase efficiency
  • Sift through IRONMAN databases to qualify cold-call candidates
  • Eagerness to continue learning industry specific data and language

Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma at a minimum
  • Sales experience is a plus
  • Driven, self-starting work ethic
  • SalesForce management experience is a plus
  • Outstanding customer service qualities

Work Environment:

Rüster Sports is a team of ambitious, hardworking, young professionals promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. We are a startup company set on maintaining a rich company culture while growing a successful manufacturing operation. Rüster Sports is a nicotine-free work environment.